26 April 2005
French Court Develops Way To Keep French Culture "Pure"
In a surprise move today, a French court has finally found a way to keep the French film and music culture pure and free of evil foreign influence by effectively banning the importation of films and music into France. A court decided that copyright protection violated the law.

"This ruling means that 80 percent of DVDs now on the French market are
equipped with illegal mechanisms," said Julien Dourgnon, spokesman for consumer
advocacy group UFC-Que Choisir, which brought the case.
"Stores will probably not have to send back products already in stock," Dourgnon said Tuesday. "But in the future, no DVD or CD that has the device can be sold."

Well done France! Now you don't have to worry about importing any of those evil foreign films or music into your country.

The ruling could be a major setback for the DVD industry, which places lock software on disks as part of its battle against piracy. The industry blames illegal copying for millions of dollars in lost revenues each year.

They certainly realize that nobody who currently copy protects their films or media is going to change that just for France don't they? Even though France appears to be a large market[Link is in French] I somehow doubt that film producers are going to release completely copiable (new word?) digital quality films in France.
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