21 July 2005
Gargantuan (no, that's not hyperbole) weapons cache found in Mosul
Michael Yon reports from Mosul on a gigantic weapons cache find in Mosul that the Deuce-Four was involved in finding, confiscating and destroying.

The haul in "The Devils Foyer":

"26 shoulder fired surface-to-air missiles, 28 complete mortar firing systems and nearly 1,500 'mortar bombs.' ...26 rocket-propelled grenade launchers and several hundred rounds. Sixteen anti-tank mines modified with anti-personnel shrapnel were hidden in couches. Each of those mines could destroy a humvee. The soldiers call these modified mines "Birthday Cakes." There were dozens of assault weapons and machine guns, thousands of rounds of ammunition, night vision gear, one bayonet, chemical masks, and more."

Way to go Deuce-Four and Michael, keep up the good work.

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