04 July 2005
What's good for the goose...
What with "anarchists" and "anti-capital" groups (amongst others) calling for people to burn the U.S. flag today, I figure that turnabout is fair play. I give to you:

Secret Agent X-9's "Turnabout is fairplay" kit

1) Take a picture or symbol of the "left". Personally I am going to use Che Guevara. Nothing screams "I'm an idiot tool of the left" than a picture of a murdering "revolutionary." You could also use that stupid red "A" with a circle around that "anarchists" use to represent their disatisfaction with the organized rule of law! But goodness help you if you mess with that organized and agonized over symbol of their "independence!"

Here's one of Che to get you started:

2) Destroy it, preferrably in front of a member of the left. If you can't find someone to cheese off, then destroy it privately and take a photo. Take a photo even if you do it in front of a leftist. Try to get their reaction in the photo.

3) Post photo (or send it to me) on the Internet.

Ya know, a funny thing I noticed when writing this. There are a lot of copyrights on images of Che Guevara. Strange no? Luckily this is a "fair use" type of use so I think the government of Cuba is pretty much screwed if they could or would make an issue of it ;) Oh and I say "government of Cuba" because since Alberto Korda died in 2001, to the best of my knowledge the Cuban government owns his works. If I am wrong or if the copyright holder objects to my linking to an image hosted on a Cuban website that has Ernesto's image on it let me know and I will take down the link. This I believe would qualify as "innocent infringement"

I've changed the image because I didn't like linking to a Cuban website. That and I think that a picture of Asthmatic Che smoking a cigar is somehow ridiculous especially since it appears on an NIH website showing pictures of people with Asthma and giving little bios about their lives. Ernesto's little bio points out that he had an asthma attack which led to his capture and eventual execution by the Bolivian government. Guess ya shouldn'ta been smoking those stogies with Fidel eh?
Check it out: http://www.nlm.nih.gov/hmd/breath/Faces_asthma/facespast.html
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