15 September 2005
Bad reporting or biased? SFGate report doesn't understand how the government works
They are just coming out of the woodwork today. Biased or uninformed? Cecilia M. Vega (apparently very important to get the "M" in the byline) reports in the San Francisoo Chronicle; "The Parish That Feds Overlooked" today about St. Bernard Parish and completely bungles it. Her slanted piece lays plenty of blame at the foot of the federal government (and one must assume President Bush), but illogically it contains plenty of information on who really had responsiblity.

"At first, the only rescuers on hand were the residents and officials of St. Bernard Parish. Two days after Katrina hit, a team of Canadian Mounties from Vancouver showed up to help, and a sprinkling of officials from neighboring parishes paid visits, but it would be days before there was any sign of assistance from the U.S. government.
'I'm saying, where's the Department of Defense?' said parish Sheriff Jack Stephens. 'The Canadians can show up, but the Department of Defense can't get to St. Bernard Parish?'"

The DOD does not have responsibility in this case. It was a matter of the Lousiana National Guard who were and still are (even right now) under the command of Governor Blanco.

"'It was the worst response to the worst catastrophe ever,' said Stephens, sitting in his department's new command post, a floating barge on the Mississippi that deputies commandeered because they had nowhere else to go. 'While all of this s -- is going on here, the Louisiana National Guard is right on the other side of the parish border, and they weren't here because they were evacuated.' "

See, Ms. Vega apparently knows that the Louisana National Guard has authority in this instance, but blames the federal goverment.

Bad reporting or biased reporting? I am going to vote both in this case.
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