25 October 2005
A review of Brian Shields' first VJ gig
Brian Shields of The Bay Area is Talking has produced his very first VJ assignment. I was going to post this review as a comment on TBAiT, but I've realized that I haven't posted anything in a while and others seem to have noticed (ya know, I do actually read the comments at TBAiT ya bunch of degenerate hippies (Of course I am just joking... about reading the comments, you're all degenerate hippies (since I am apparently a representative of the "right-wing" and all I figure I should starting fitting the part ;) )

On with the review:

Not a bad piece. The framing on the EFF attorney (Bankston) was a little tight in my opinion and he kept leaving the top of the frame. Also, the screen shots of the childs toy microscope were kind of pointless, they didn't bring anything to the scene after the first shot and with no explanation of the content it was just random noise.

As for the choice of story; I agree with Xerox. It's much ado about nothing. Who really cares that there might be a [turn on 1940's serial reverb effect] "SECRET CODE" in someones poorly cribbed copy of the communist manifesto? Wouldn't that fit more with the whole "The GOVERNMENT is trying to suppress you and steal your soul (er, privacy)" mentality of groups like EFF et al?

I believe the EFF would complain about people having eyes if they thought it could garner more attention for them. (of course now I am probably going to get sued by the EFF for commenting or something. Viva la Constitution! Viva la First Amendment!)

Update: Hippies can't write code:
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