10 November 2005
Local blogger doesn't like the Blue Angels...other local blogger mocks him
As presented by another "unbiased" linking by The Bay Area is Talking:

Local blogger "SFMike" claims to want to "politely disinvite" the Blue Angels from performing in the annual Fleet Week airshow. SFMike claims to want to be polite, but a careful (or hell, not so careful) read of his words and prior posts shows his true feelings.

It's sad that a city with such a HUGE Navy history is just pissing it away with attitudes like the above blogger. Ya know what sunshine? The frigging HIGHLIGHT of the year in San Francisco is now limited to the Blue Angels.

SFMike's other posts read like a litany of moonbat talking points, just one example should be enough for you:

"They have been carrying out this vigil since October 2001 when the insane people in the federal government and in the mainstream press decided it was a good idea to bomb the hell out of Afghanistan in response to the 9/11 disaster." [emphasis added]
Can't even call it a terrorist attack can you Mike? Let me guess, those people in New York probably deserved it in your mind didn't they?
A Republican in San Francisco (Yes, he's under deep cover) relays his tales of interest... ...ok, "interest" is a strong and subjective word but you get the point.
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