17 December 2005
I demand an investigation into the NSA domestic spying incident
I demand an investigation into the NSA domestic spying incident that has been revealed. No, I don't care that the NSA was authorized to intercept international phone calls, emails and faxes from U.S. citizens to international destinations. I want to know who leaked that information to the press. This is such a gross violation of national security that heads should roll.

This is not a situation like Valerie Plame, a not so covert, covert agent. This is an active, ongoing intelligence mission which has now been compromised for petty political points.

Where's Representative Nancy Pelosi? Where's the letter demanding a GAO investigation like she wrote for the Plame incident? Where's the media coverage screaming about how this was a leak to damage the President? No, instead the media is decrying a "violation of civil rights". Please. Give it an f'ing rest. Let's be honest here. I've made hundreds of international calls and sent hundreds of international emails over the last few years. I don't care that the NSA might have listened in. If anyhing I would apologize to them for being so boring, but I appreciate the work they've done, are doing right now and will continue to do in the future. To those who cry that they might have been spied on, I say this: Do you really think that you are so important or interesting that "they" are watching your every move? Really?

Intelligence (or "spying" as the media likes to put it) is a critical component of our fight against al-Qaeda and those that would seek to harm this nation. People (and by "people" I mean politicizing Democrats like Pelosi, Liberaliti, et al.) complained that the United States (sorry, I mean President Bush*) didn't do enough intelligence gathering and was lax in protecting that United States (remember the brouhaha about the "Bin Laden Determined to Attack Inside the United States" briefing and how the President should have done "something" about it. Never an explanation as to what "something" meant though. What does Mr. Ben-Veniste think now I wonder?) , these same people are now going to complain that we did too much?

*Specifically it was President Bush. Since he'd only been in office for eight months he pretty much inherited President Clinton's intelligence systems and organization. As we all know President Clinton was actually omniscient and just let incidents like the embassy attacks, WTC 1 (1993) , U.S.S. Cole attack, Khobar Towers attack, Philippine Airlines Flight 434, Murrah Federal Building, Olympic Park bombing, occur because he didn't want to give away the secret of his omniscience.
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