31 July 2006
Castro has surgery;"provisionally" passes power to Raúl

My bet: "Il Comandante" is really dead. I mean come on, in all the years of his dictatorship he's never given up power, not once. He's dead and they are covering for him to prevent the people from true Libertad de la tiranía . Face it folks, he's taken hells version of the Granma and is crossing the river Styx right now, late for his appointment.

My feeling if he is dead: Oddly torn. I mean, it's not that I wish to kill him, it's just that I don't want him to be alive anymore.

My feeling if he is alive: Missed him by *this* much.

I really don't like dictators, can ya tell?
A Republican in San Francisco (Yes, he's under deep cover) relays his tales of interest... ...ok, "interest" is a strong and subjective word but you get the point.
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