23 September 2006
Your lying heart...
...will undo you

In my opinion, Natalie Maines in a no-talent hack. She's also in the news again:

"...but if you live in Lubbock, Texas, where I'm from -- you just have one paper and one radio station and unless you're savvy on the Internet, that's it for you."
-Natalie Maines

Vancouver Sun, September 15th, 2006 (subscription)

Apparently Ms. Maines isn't "savvy on the Internet":

From OnTheRadio.Net:
Radio Stations in Lubbock Texas [yes, some of them are physically based in different towns, but they can be heard in Lubbock]
KTXT   88.1 FM Texas Tech University Lubbock, TX Alternative, Radio
KPBB   88.5 FM Brownfield, TX Spanish, Radio
KPMB   88.5 FM Plainview, TX Spanish, Radio
KOHM   89.1 FM Texas Tech University Lubbock, TX Public Radio, Radio
KAMY   90.1 FM Family Life Radio Lubbock, TX Religious, Radio
KPHS   90.3 FM Plains, TX Grade School (K-12), Radio
KBAH   90.5 FM American Family Radio – Something Good in the Air Plainview, TX Religious, Radio
KKLU   90.9 FM K-Love - Positive and Encouraging Lubbock, TX Christian Contemporary, Radio
KBKN   91.3 FM American Family Radio – Something Good in the Air Lamesa, TX Religious, Radio
KWLD   91.5 FM Wayland Baptist College Plainview, TX Christian Contemporary, Radio
KJAK   92.7 FM Christian Radio Station Slaton, TX Religious, Radio
KXTQ   93.7 FM Magic 937 FM Lubbock, TX Tejano, Radio
KFMX   94.5 FM fmX 94.5 - Absolute Rocks Lubbock, TX Rock, Radio
KLLL   96.3 FM Lubbock, TX Country, Radio
KSTQ   97.3 FM Plainview, TX Spanish, Radio
KKCL   98.1 FM Cool 98 - Good Times, Great Oldies Lorenzo, TX Oldies, Radio
KICA   98.3 FM Farwell, TX Rock, Radio
KYMI   98.5 FM Los Ybanez, TX Country, Radio
KQBR   99.5 FM The Bear - #1 for New Music and Country Legends Lubbock, TX Country, Radio
KMMX   100.3 FM Mix 100 - Lubbock's Pop-Rock Tahoka, TX Hot AC, Radio
KOLF   100.7 FM Plainview, TX Religious, Radio
KONE   101.1 FM Rock 101 - New and Classic Rock Lubbock, TX Classic Rock, Radio
KSNY   101.5 FM Snyder, TX Country, Radio
KZII   102.5 FM Lubbock's #1 Hit Music Station Lubbock, TX Top-40, Radio
KMUL   103.1 FM Muleshoe, TX Country, Radio
KAMZ   103.5 FM Tahoka, TX Spanish, Radio
KRIA   103.9 FM Plainview, TX Tejano, Radio
KLZK   104.3 FM Brownfield, TX Adult Contemporary, Radio
KBTE   104.9 FM 104.9 The Beat - #1 for Hip Hop and R&B Tulia, TX Hip Hop, Radio
KLVT   105.3 FM Levelland, TX Country, Radio
KRBL   105.7 FM K-Rebel - Classic Country 1057 FM Idalou, TX Country, Radio
KFLP   106.1 FM K-Flip Country Floydada, TX Country, Radio
KEJS   106.5 FM Lubbock, TX Tejano, Radio
KKYN   106.9 FM Plainview, TX Country, Radio
KPOS   107.3 FM Post, TX Country, Radio
KRFE   580 AM The Station that Listens to Lubbock Lubbock, TX Nostalgia, Radio
KPET   690 AM Lamesa, TX Country, Radio
KFYO   790 AM NewsTalk 790 AM Lubbock, TX News/Talk, Radio
KFLP   900 AM All Ag, All Day Floydada, TX Farm, Radio
KJTV   950 AM Lubbock, TX News/Talk, Radio
KIJN   1060 AM JESUS Radio KIJN Farwell, TX Religious, Radio
KVOP   1090 AM Plainview, TX Spanish, Radio
KLVT   1230 AM Levelland, TX Gospel Music, Radio
KKUB   1300 AM Brownfield, TX Country, Radio
KKAM   1340 AM Sports Radio 1340 Lubbock, TX Sports, Radio
KMUL   1380 AM Muleshoe, TX Spanish, Radio
KREW   1400 AM Plainview, TX Oldies, Radio
KJDL   1420 AM News Radio 1420 Lubbock, TX News
KLFB   1420 AM Lubbock, TX Spanish, Radio
KBZO   1460 AM Lubbock, TX Spanish, Radio
KZZN   1490 AM Littlefield, TX Farm, Radio
KCLR   1530 AM Ralls, TX Spanish, Radio
KDAV   1590 AM Renaissance Radio Lubbock, TX Oldies, Radio

Television in Lubbock:
KUPT UPN (Out of New Mexico)

El Sol Latino
El Editor
The Hispano Weekly
Lubbock Southwest Digest
The Daily Toreador

And to think, Maines called President Bush a "dumb f***". Maybe she should take an old phrase to heart that those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

Update: Looking at the list, maybe she meant there's only one lefty oriented station in Lubbock?
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