14 November 2006
Today in Crazy Town
San Francisco's Board of Supervisors voted to essentially decriminalize marijuana by making it the lowest police priority. Henceforth let it be known that you may grow, sell and consume marijuana in San Francisco, but don't spit on the sidewalks or the cops will bust your ass.

San Francisco's Board of Education kicked out the 90 year old JROTC program from City schools at the behest of anti-war activists and Viet-Nam era draft dodgers. 1,600 students now have no real reason to stay in school because Dan Kelly and his ilk think that the military is "bad". The same article also notes as a sideline how the Board of Education also introduced racist quotas to school assignments in the same meeting.
A Republican in San Francisco (Yes, he's under deep cover) relays his tales of interest... ...ok, "interest" is a strong and subjective word but you get the point.
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